The Adventure Begins: Intentions for a New Year

I celebrated a milestone birthday last year. You know, one of the ones that ends in a zero. In traditional matriarchal cultures, I would have earned elder status and the right to say “enough” to that which needs to be ended.

My intention for the coming year is to say “enough” and declare an end to unsafe scarcity-minded practices concerning food for people and companion animals. When corporations give more weight to profits than to safety, the end result is illness and shocking statistics–some 20% of the US population is food insecure. Much of the food stocked by grocery stores is replete with chemicals that aren’t at all safe. ¬†Enough.

Recalls on cheaply made pet treats and pet foods produced in unsanitary conditions are announced weekly, it seems. We’ve all seen the heartbreaking stories of a beloved pet dying of kidney or liver failure. Enough.

What I’ll be doing is this: an e-mag coming out every four to six weeks with news about food production; stories about people reclaiming the food supply; and recipes suitable for people or pooches with just a few minor modifications.

Who’s with me?