The Time of Grace Has Come

Oh, my…dear and gentle readers, forgive the absence. I can’t go into details to protect the other involved parties’ privacy, but a load of personal issues came to their respective heads. I will tell you that third party intervention has been called upon in resolving these matters. They will play out as they must.

The Cubs won the World Series. Let’s start there. That was a good thing. Even if I missed it. I dozed off, only waking up to the crack and pop of fireworks and gunshots from the down the road neighbor. An invasion? Robbery? Nope! The Cubs won.

I had hoped that it was an omen of better times ahead. Not so much.

We will skip over the election.

Holidays were pretty good. I was able to hang out with my brother and his family for an extended period of time. While I was there, Brother found this by Steeleye Span. I hadn’t heard it in years, had no idea what the lyrics were other than that they are in Latin and chanted more than sung. I read the translation over his shoulder as we watched it on You Tube. The time of grace has come. Even though this is not my path (they are practicing Catholic; I’m, well…not ), I don’t ignore anything that causes shimmers in my soul while I sit up straight.

The two top definitions for grace: 1. simple elegance or refinement of movement and 2. unmerited, free favor. The period of my absence was filled by both. I am deeply grateful to my friends who supported me while the mess unwound. I am deeply grateful to the Mystery for gifts, merited or not.

So I’m back. Tomorrow, depending on your view, is either Imbolc, St. Brigit’s Day, or Groundhog Day. The two former acknowledge that the light is returning. The latter annoys the hell out of some rodents. Take your pick.

Even as the sun comes back, there is darkness. Even in this darkness, I’m hoping that we can be instruments of grace, vessels of light, bearers of peace–for one another and for the ones further marginalized by the events unfolding in DC. I’ve felt physically ill more than once in the last few months, and have reposted links and written emails while weeping. I’ve been scared for many of Hubby’s former coworkers who are decent humans with the misfortune of getting caught up in this geopolitical nationalist cluster bomb of a crap storm. These times try a person’s soul.

But I’ll tell you what….Photo on 2-1-17 at 2.59 PM.jpg

Here’s my hand. Hang on to it so you don’t get lost or if you get scared. If we all take each others’ hands, we’ll be able to stick together as we continue towards the light.