Wait For It….

Just tried to get Oakley to potty. No luck. I don’t think I could potty in a 20+MPH shrieking north wind, either. At least the sun is out today. The roads are clear, so play group is in order.

Nowhere near as bad as last year, though. I can get out of my house and drive safely. I’m grateful for that. Unlike last year, the times the deep freeze have only been for a day or so with two storms requiring a call to the snow removal company. The roller coaster ride continues through next week March is supposed to be warmer than usual. So we wait.

My biggest problem is boredom right now. I’m caught between Weight Watchers and the wheat sensitivity, so cooking is not really an option. At least the things that I really want to cook aren’t. I dream of cake the way that I usually dream of Sting.

I distract myself with the yearly rerun of “The Tudors.” My favorite Ren Faire opens only five months from yesterday, so that countdown is on. Last night I checked the website to see if there was any news about this summer’s acts. No, but the memories of the green leaves and the scent of turkey legs on the grill and all that goes with it made me whimper a little bit.

In the meantime, I have streams of music from that era to soothe the ache. I can have reasonable amounts of chocolate And in a few weeks, I can have my tea outdoors.

It will be worth the wait. Really.

First Goal Met

It’s weigh in day at Weight Watchers for me. Not a bad thing. I met my first weight loss goal: down 5% of my original body weight. So my next goal is to take my weight down another 5%.¬†You’ll sleep better if you don’t know what I weighed at the beginning, or what I weigh now.

Breaking the weight into 5% increments makes it a task less daunting psychologically, especially when you have as much to lose as I do.

If you’ve done jigsaw puzzles, longterm weight goals are kind of like that. If you look at the thousand pieces, your hair will ignite. If you break the puzzle into smaller segments: putting together the frame, then one corner, then another, and finally the middle, it tightens the focus on the doable interim goals and keeps a person motivated.

In terms of actual weight loss, it wan’t what I’d hoped for, but the number had gone down, so I’m not too worried. I need more water, less salt and a little more exercise.

Still, I deserved something, so I bought myself some flowers. Pretty, and if push comes to shove, no points unless I dip them in salad dressing.


Notes on the First Week

So I went to Weight Watchers on Friday. I am four pounds lighter. (takes a bow) Thank you.

What am I eating? Pretty much what I was before, only being very mindful about measuring. I am measuring out my cashews, nut butters, salad dressings, yogurt, cheese. I am amazed at how much a tablespoon is, and how satiated a half-cup of yogurt makes me feel.

And drinking a lot more water. I had really fallen away from doing that.

I’m still eating chocolate and pasta. Need to look at how pizza will fit into the grand scheme of things: a serving of the gluten-free one that I like is worth about a third of a day’s points.

I mentioned that I lost four pounds, didn’t I? Thank you.




The Hard Part Is Over

Not just different, but on the list of things I swore to all that I hold sacred I would never do.

I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting this morning. I’ve tried everything else this side of a gastric bypass (which don’t work as well as they want you to think in many cases). So I’ll give this a try.

In the past, the program had seemed pretty judgmental and rigid with labels such as “legal” and “illegal” for the foods with an emphasis on the processed. But now, it’s evolved to where WW gives the member the framework with which to make the healthiest choices whether he or she chooses a frozen meal or something created in their own kitchen. It also breaks the longterm goal into manageable chunks: a 5% goal, a 10% goal, and stickers for five-pond losses.

So I went. I weighed in (not pretty–20 pounds more than I thought that I’d gained back), and the leader gave me my tracking booklet with the evil number in it, and the daily point allotment. Then she said, “Sweetheart, you just did the hardest part. It’s all downhill from here.”

I’m not alone in this, both in terms of the WW community support, support from Hubby, and my friend who went with me and suggested this.

So we’ll see what happens.