The Post-Thanksgiving Report

I know. I know. To use the current butchering of the language, Thanksgiving was literally so last week.

Still, it was a good one. We did a basic but tasty turkey with cranberries, green beans, and mashed potatoes and stuffing, the things that we really like. We had pumpkin pie tartlets, just big enough for a bite for me but not big enough to blow my remaining points for the month.

MHz ran a “Montalbano” marathon. Chez nous, the National Dog Show and a telethon on Fox that showcased dogs in need of adoption bookended it. Usually, I don’t watch TV like that, but sometimes exceptions must be made.

Oakley enjoyed the turkey, the National, and the telethon. He dozed on my lap the rest of the time.

For that matter, Hubby and I drifted in and out of our turkey comas, too.

I’d been able to walk Oakley early, but the clouds that invited themselves and the chill wind negated the effort to get out for a second walk.

So it was just the wind, and the peace, and the quiet of the day making it the way it was supposed to be.

The Therapeutic Value of Cooking

I’ve been cooking more than usual this week. Mercury is still in retro; the heavy snow from Monday’s storm followed by yesterday’s rain and wind-driven melting challenged one of the sump pumps to the breaking point; my mainstay paid writing job has been put on hold indefinitely; and of course, Oakley ate a few too many biskies, leading to 2 AM runs in the yard.

So I’ve cooked. Turkey chili, a rotisserie chicken, a cake made with almond and coconut flours, socca with fresh cilantro to go with the chili. The cake was based on a very simple French recipe; the other dishes are regular batters in the culinary lineup. It’s kept me pleasantly busy during the interminable wait for the weather to level out. 

Signs that spring can’t be too far off are coming up here and there. Strawberries glisten like rubies at the store and early greens are coming in to play. Mercury will get its act together on the 28th and go forward. And we shall as well.

The Homecoming Feast: Hubby Tested, Doggy Approved

Hubby is on his way home from Michigan. Hopefully, he can negotiate the stretch of highway that skirts the southern tip of Lake Michigan without incident. Today we are on alert for yet another a late season storm that’s sprawling its way east just south of 1-80.

While I’m sure some cooks toy with the idea of groundhog recipes, I’m doing something a little more conventional and elegant. I picked up a turkey breast at Trader Joe’s the other day. We haven’t had it in a while. It will be seasoned with orange and basil tucked beneath the skin as well as a little salt and pepper, then roasted. Potatoes are a must, and there will be a green veg or salad. I’m thinking green beans amandine. We have brownies or strawberries for dessert. 

We’ll be able to make soup or sandwiches with it, and Oakley can have some, too.

So what are you having tonight?