One Weird-A**ed Week Later….

This was a weird a**ed week if there ever was one. Here’s hoping that next week is a little calmer.

Monday, Hubby returned to his mom’s house near Detroit for another round of work to get it ready to go on the market. He drove right into the aftermath of a storm that dropped five inches of rain in a ridiculously short amount of time. Any other day, it would have taken him five or six hours to get there. Not this time. Road closures due to flooding pushed him pretty far out of the way, and it took closer to eight or nine hours. When he finally pulled up in front of the house, he noticed that all the neighbors were outside. To a home, everyone had at least three inches of water in their basements. Even his mom’s, even after the money spent on new water lines last summer to avoid this nonsense.

Monday also brought the news about Robin Williams. If you don’t know, please Google it–I am one story away from losing composure again. The outpouring of stories of his kindness (work on behalf of the homeless, supporting differently abled athletes, always ready to say “hi” to a fan) have not failed to amaze me. I hope that he and Christopher Reeve have caught up with each other.

Tuesday, still processing Robin and talking Hubby through his angst over the house. Wednesday brought the news of Lauren Bacall’s passage. Sad, but not of the magnitude of Robin’s passing. I always liked her. Even in my childhood, I had a deep voice, deep enough to mess with telemarketers who thought that I was my father, and hearing her made me feel better about it.

Sometime this week, a shooting of an unarmed young man in a St. Louis suburb lead to peaceful demonstrations that spun into riots when local law enforcement decided to play G.I. Joe and pull out unnecessary heavy artillery. Journalists were harassed as well. It took pulling the locals off the case and sending in the state highway patrol to regain order. Hopefully, all investigations will go smoothly and swiftly.

Things started leveling out yesterday. I made a run to a local drive through for a gyros. Oakley was with me. He found the whole drive through concept fascinating: Mom yells into a speaker, then we pull around the corner to a window  and they hand her a box with food? COOL! He had the same look on his face as he gets when we go to day care or for walks with his aunties on Saturday.

Today I went on a spontaneous breakfast with a friend. I’m still full, even midafternoon. That was a fantastic omelette, and hopefully a sign of a better, calmer week ahead.