The Great Nut Butter Experiment: Something You May Try At Home

Ohh, myyyy…..just ate a spoonful of almond-pecan-walnut butter. Nirvana in a food processor. 

Today’s post comes courtesy of two inspirations: Vicki Linich, my voice teacher who is also a raw foods chef; and nearly popping an artery over the rising price of nut butters. details Vicki’s almond butter adventure. While you’re there, check out the meatball pate’ recipe–I haven’t tried it yet, but will.

Nut butters are not hard to make at all. It just requires patience and a sturdy food processor. First I put in about a half-cup of almonds and let them go until they were about halfway processed. Then the pecans–they are a lot softer than the almonds.  I’d say that I put in about a half-cup of those as well, and a quarter-cup of walnuts I had sitting in the freezer. 

Next, I turned on the food processor and let it do its stuff. In less than five minutes, I had nut butter that suspiciously resembled the contents of the jar that I’d bought at Trader Joe’s the other day. Even though I used roasted and salted nuts, it tasted a lot fresher than the jarred equivalent. If you used unsalted nuts, add a dash of sea salt if you want to after the nut butter reaches the desired consistancy.

If you’re making this with the intention to share with your four-legged companions, please don’t use walnuts or macadamias in the mix. Both are toxic to dogs.  Otherwise, improvise at will and enjoy.