The Wisdom of Princess Anna

Today we have a week left in Mercury’s current retrograde period and a full moon. Both portent optimal times to release that which no longer serves you. That and the marginal roads (Mercury ruling transportation, after all*) here in soybean land encourage me to stay home and do some decluttering.

This morning I cleaned out a cabinet. I found storage jars and some sundry mass-produced bowls that hadn’t seen the light of day since George W’s first term in office; pasta that had gone buggy; and some cocoa mix with a 2006 expiration date.

Yep. Take Princess Anna’s musical advice and let it go. Goodwill is going to love me. The trash collector is going to hate me. Oh, well. Let it go, let it go.

I do decluttering in fifteen minute slices. My phone has an app that lets it serve as a timer, and knowing that I only have to go at a closet or a cabinet for a limited period makes it kind of fun. I don’t overthink, I just toss.

On a physical level, I created storage space for some random small appliances that need more dignified quarters than the kitchen island. On a metaphysical  level, I’ve freed some psychic space and will be propelled forward with the energy released next week when Mercury gets its act together and goes straight.

Except for the trash collector, everyone wins.

*Seriously. Usually, maybe ten minutes to get there; seven if none of the cops lurk in the bushes or subdivision entrances. Yesterday it took 20 minutes to get to the intersection of the main road into town and the state route running through it. Only reason I went out was because Oakley desperately needed to go to play group. He got the crazy out of his system and is snoring away next to me.

The Therapeutic Value of Cooking

I’ve been cooking more than usual this week. Mercury is still in retro; the heavy snow from Monday’s storm followed by yesterday’s rain and wind-driven melting challenged one of the sump pumps to the breaking point; my mainstay paid writing job has been put on hold indefinitely; and of course, Oakley ate a few too many biskies, leading to 2 AM runs in the yard.

So I’ve cooked. Turkey chili, a rotisserie chicken, a cake made with almond and coconut flours, socca with fresh cilantro to go with the chili. The cake was based on a very simple French recipe; the other dishes are regular batters in the culinary lineup. It’s kept me pleasantly busy during the interminable wait for the weather to level out. 

Signs that spring can’t be too far off are coming up here and there. Strawberries glisten like rubies at the store and early greens are coming in to play. Mercury will get its act together on the 28th and go forward. And we shall as well.