March Against Monsanto Part II Is Tomorrow

Just a friendly reminder.

If you can’t attend one of the events, please envision them unfolding peacefully and safely. 

Think, too, on this: the farm that adjoins my property has been marinated in Roundup for decades. 

The farmer lost his ability to walk. (Glyphosphates have been linked to neurological problems.)

His wife developed kidney problems. (And kidney problems.) 

At least one of their children had to have a precancerous tumor removed from a strange place. (I’m sure you’ve seen some of the tumors on rats.)

Let’s all do our part to make the vision of a Monsanto-free world a reality.

Orion crossed the Bridge from lymphoma. (which has been linked to glyphosphates. Anything dumped in the field runs off onto ours in rainstorms, and our house is built on land that they used to farm.)





Get Your Marching Boots On!

October 12, 2013, March Against Monsanto is coming to a city near you. If not, join on line by sending your elected officials with your opinion. 

Today is 9/30/13. The bill protecting it is supposed to expire today. I hope that it has a safe and peaceful journey to wherever bills go when they expire. It just blows my mind that that so many former employees of a chemical company are using the federal government as a way to poison people. I also find it appalling that so many voters allow politicians who place the interests of big business into office. 

Having lower taxes is appealing, but at the cost of a livable environment? I don’t think so.