Inauguration Day Notes

First semi-poltical thought of the day: does anyone else think that the actor who plays Thomas on “Downton Abbey” looks like former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich? Or is it just me?

Two governors ago, I know. I still wonder when the feds will make a dedicated Illinois politicians’ wing at the Terre Haute prison.

Be those as they are….at roughly noon today, Bruce Rauner was sworn in as governor. I watched the ceremony, listened to his speech. I dearly and desperately want to like him, but I have too many doubts. As soon as someone says “job creation,” I get this little icy shiver running through my veins since it comes at the cost of social service programs and the environment.

There’s also a question of a pending lawsuit concerning some nursing homes that he owned. Now, granted that the residents usually don’t get out alive, but the suit alleges dangerously understaffing on a regular basis to save money, leading to deaths from neglect and abuse. He spoke of making sure that the net was in place, but that doesn’t synch up with the image of someone who allegedly rode off to one of his luxury vacation homes on the backs of the most vulnerable.

Yes, we desperately need jobs, and we need a small business friendly climate to provide them. There’s the proposed fracking in southern Illinois. I need to do more research, but it seems to me that jobs coming in at the cost of earthquakes and toxic waste is too high.

What we really need is someone who can make sure that taxes are going where they are supposed to go and not into the sinkhole between O’Hare and Lake Michigan. I hope Gov. Rauner can stand up to House Speaker Michael Madigan (D-Chicago area) and remind him that there’s a lot of state beyond the tollways ringing the Windy City.  Some years ago, Hubby was active in a group that tried to get property taxes in our county reduced. One eye opener: much of the revenue goes into the Chicago public school system.

The other: voter apathy. The group dwindled from a couple of dozen active participants to just Hubby and two of the leaders. Hubby, exhausted and burned out, finally walked away.

What else can be expected when only 20% of eligible voters in our county do so? It’s how many of the party holders who give conservatives a bad name ended up in office.

We have four years in front of us. We can’t recall him, but emails and letters to let the elected know what’s on our minds are in order. For every phone call or letter, there are ten people who are in agreement, but can’t or won’t pick up or log on for whatever reason.

I’ll be in touch soon, Gov. Rauner.