At a Loss for a Witty Attention-Grabbing Title

 I don’t have smoke coming out of my ears today. That’s a good thing. The new battery has completely resolved the issues with the cursor and Oakley’s tummy has remained stable. For those small blessings, I am truly grateful.

Made a slightly too spicy pot of soup for lunch today. The jalepenos spiced it up a little too much. Will add some more coconut milk–aiming at a Thai-style green curry. Not bad, but just a little too hot. Rice will help, too. 

Experimenting with more Indian food at home. We both like it. Why not? I have a book with reduced fat recipes. I eat Indian; I am happy. I am less likely to find ways to get into culinary mischief. Also a good way to slip in greens if spices, ginger, and other flavorings are involved. Check out Anjum Arnad’s Indian Every Day for easy and exotic deliciousness. Yum.

Per Dr. Weil, I’ve set the goal of eating more fish. Now if I could just remember that fried isn’t such a good thing… 


Dr. Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet

We’ve all had inflammation. It helps to protect injuries and enhance the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the impacted area. As it heals, the swelling and redness subside. 

When it sticks around, it’s a problem. Chronic internal inflammation is a contributing factor in heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease. It’s caused by environmental stressors and a lot of the non-food that’s taken up  camp in the food supply.  Dr. Andrew Weil recommends nutrition and supplements to reduce its presence.

I actually like this plan:

  • Dr. Weil gives clear information about the benefits of the suggested foods and serving sizes for each category.
  • Nothing is forbidden; just enjoyed in moderation
  • Fish and plant-based proteins are emphasized.
  • Chocolate and red wine consumption is encouraged. Again, in moderation. But encouraged. 
  • Carbs of the complex kind are ok. Healthy fat is ok. 
  • I mentioned the chocolate and red wine, didn’t I?
  • It’s adaptable to food allergies and preferences. 

All that, and chocolate, too.