Bless me, my friends. I do occasionally buy frozen entrees and salad dressing.

Done gasping? Let me continue. 

I get dressing from Annie’s. It’s organic, mostly, and doesn’t have a ton of preservatives or other chemicals that make it taste like Love Canal. There are just days when mixing together the oil, vinegar, mustard, salt and pepper is too intimidating, kitchen gadgets or no.

I get Amy’s Organics entrees. Clearly labeled, reasonable at Target of all places, and Meijer’s, too, if you live in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. 

For veg burgers, which I have tried at home, I get Sunshine Burgers. They’re based on sunflower seed protein. I usually make a salad with them, or a wrap with a no-grain or gluten free tortilla. 

I must confess as well…I love shopping at Whole Foods. Yes, I know a lot of their items can be had much cheaper at other places. But there’s something seductive about the aroma of incense and soap wafting from the Lifestyle section. There’s something about sales associates who actually seem happy to see you and walk with you to the desired aisle. And samples. I shopped at Fresh Fields, their precursor in my area, so there’s a little nostalgia involved. I’m always a little surprised when I don’t see my associates from an environmental group I volunteered for strolling the aisles. I get some of our protein food from them, such as ground turkey. It’s grown really hard to find ground turkey that hasn’t been subjected to the addition of those unnamed “natural flavorings.” The bison and grassfed beef are competitively priced, surprisingly. I usually get those from my organic produce lady, but there are times I get caught. I get some extra and freeze.

On the dog front, no, I don’t make Oakley treats, except for his bedtime snack of pumpkin and goat keifer sorbet (mix, scoop into single serving containers, freeze) or hensickles (frozen chicken broth in single serving containers). I get some from a local company called Pawdukes. I make kale chips for him. Yes, he eats kale. Go figure. 

While homecooked is best, it’s comforting to know there are backups out there.