Last Week and Other Long Strange Trips

So last week launched with a rip-roaring start. At 1 AM last Sunday, Oakley had to go out. Bad. And at 1:45, then 2 something, then I quit checking on time. After a total of six outings in the yard between then and about 5 AM, he was empty, or so I thought. 

I tried to write after grabbing a nap, but the cursor began jumping around. It was not some sleep-deprivation-induced hallucination; the little sucker was bouncing all over the page. Wrote it off as a fluke, shut down, and stared at the TV as a focal point. 

Monday brought another round of follow the bouncing cursor. Oakley seemed OK. I gave the bad dream that was Sunday morning no more thought. Tuesday was OK in the canine GI department, but the cursor still bounced. I Googled the cursor issue. Most likely causes: moisture or some schmutz caught in the keys or, more ominously, a swollen battery pushing into the track pad assembly. Oh, and the minor inconvenience of a possible fire.  Ok, get it looked at while Oakley is at day care on Wednesday. The nearest Apple store is not too far off my errand route, so I thought that I could swing by and get it fixed.

Not so much. Oaks woke up at 1 AM Wednesday with tummy cramps and diarrhea. He barfed sometime during the night as well. Day care was out of the question. The only way I could get him to settle down was to sit on the sofa with him and turn on the TV.  When a decent hour arrived, I called his day care teacher, then the vet’s office. Could I get there at 9? Yes. By 11, the meds had kicked in and we both were resting comfortably.

Still, I didn’t know when or how I’d get to the Apple store. It’s 20 miles one way, and in order to save gas, I avoid making willy-nilly runs as much as possible. I made good use of my iPad, my phone. And strung a lot of beads. Many beads.

In the middle of this, Hubby came home from a business trip a day early. I was able to suck it up and do a very rudimentary tidying. He arrived just as I spritzed the house with the sage and cedar spray.

So today, he saw just how much the battery bulged. We made the 20 miles both way trip into deepest downtown Naperville, had the battery replaced posthaste by the Apple Geniuses, started salivating over the next MacBook, and stopped at an Indian restaurant to boot.

Mango custard is a sign of a better week to come, isn’t it?