Mooshy, Mooshy

I’m thinking “mooshy” this afternoon for two reasons. Hubby is having a dental procedure, so mooshy will be de regure for dinner tonight and the next several days. 

I’ve also had the episode of “Barney Miller” where Wojo’s girlfriend makes the detectives the hash brownies in my head. You may recall Detective Yemana’s line, “mooshy, mooshy, mooshy.” Yes, it’s up on YouTube:

We need to think comforting, soft, for ease of chewing as well as for psychological healing purposes. In her book Simple Abundance, Sarah Ban Brethnatch speaks of nursery foods, the ones from childhood that evoke memories of being nurtured, ones that we need to indulge in no matter how old we are to smooth the edges of a rough day. 

So for dinner, we will be having mushroom soup and banana sorbet. Other highlights for the next few days include tofu, pasta, and chili. If it gets mooshiser than that, please tell me.