The Killer Rabbit: A Working Theory

So I’m flipping through my Facebook newsfeed this morning and find two items of interest: the clip from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” where King Arthur and company deal with the Killer Rabbit and a recipe for (wait for it) cake batter fudge. 

I care about you, Dear Reader, too much to post the link to the latter. Please eat some protein before reading further. I’ll wait.

Did you get your nuts or cheese or egg? Proceed. The gist of it: white cake mix, powdered sugar, butter, white chocolate, and sprinkles. Mixed all together and allowed to set up, then cut into little squares as is regular fudge. It didn’t even look good to me, just looked like vegetable shortening with sprinkles in it. Just reading about the sugar content made me start shaking. 

What, then, theoretically speaking, could it have done to a rabbit? Could the Killer Rabbit been driven into his behavior by a pan of this…this…stuff? Did his search for protein drive him into the coldblooded murder of passersby, only to meet his end by the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch?

This blog post has to be the silliest one I’ve ever written. But with Easter and its sugary treats on the way, I can’t help but wonder.