The Art of the Green Drink

A variation on the smoothie theme, green drinks can be tasty alternative for a quick breakfast or snack at any time. The theory is that the blending process ruptures the cell walls, increasing the bioavailability of the nutrients which leads to a higher degree of satisfaction. 

I’ve been doing these for breakfast and can attest to the fullness, and that I’m not plagued by cravings on days when I start my day with one. The greens help with detoxing as well. That’s why I didn’t have one before acupuncture yesterday–many of the points we’re working on are in my feet, and one run to the ladies’ with needles in place is a lesson remembered for a lifetime, believe me.

You will need a Magic Bullet, food processor, or something else to whir it around in. 

I layer ours like this in the individual cups: spinach or other green veggie, banana or avocado, fruit (partially thawed if frozen), and protein powder, flax seeds, or other things to get mixed in. Pour in a liquid such as water, some sort of milk or milk alternative, or even green tea to enhance the detox process until it reaches the maximum fill line. Attach to base and whirl until it’s combined and the consistency of a milkshake. The flax or chia may make it thicker. 

Personally, I prefer avocado. It’s a healthy fat that provides creaminess but without the sugar of the banana. I don’t like bananas that much to begin with, so no sacrifice made. 

If you don’t have protein powder, throw in a spoonful of nut butter. I will drink banana in a Healthy Elvis–greens, banana, scoop of chocolate protein powder, and a good spoonful of peanut or almond butter.  Should you decide to throw in bacon as well, that is your business. I won’t judge you. 

Mooshy, Mooshy

I’m thinking “mooshy” this afternoon for two reasons. Hubby is having a dental procedure, so mooshy will be de regure for dinner tonight and the next several days. 

I’ve also had the episode of “Barney Miller” where Wojo’s girlfriend makes the detectives the hash brownies in my head. You may recall Detective Yemana’s line, “mooshy, mooshy, mooshy.” Yes, it’s up on YouTube:

We need to think comforting, soft, for ease of chewing as well as for psychological healing purposes. In her book Simple Abundance, Sarah Ban Brethnatch speaks of nursery foods, the ones from childhood that evoke memories of being nurtured, ones that we need to indulge in no matter how old we are to smooth the edges of a rough day. 

So for dinner, we will be having mushroom soup and banana sorbet. Other highlights for the next few days include tofu, pasta, and chili. If it gets mooshiser than that, please tell me.