French Farmhouse Report for 2/17 with a Movie Review



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After the scale gave me a tough love motivated lecture, I realized that consuming butter and cream and baguette on a daily basis, even with modest portions, long walks, and no snacks between meals was not working. Full frontal French recipes will be created once a month, or will reflect the cuisine of the Mediterranean region. Progress in dropping the menopause induced pounds will resume shortly.

Let us move on to another pleasurable aspect of French culture: films. You probably don’t know Dominic Abel and Fiona Gordon, so let me introduce you. They are a husband and wife comedy team based in Belgium who specialize in absurdist, slapstick-y comedies that run counter to what comes out of Hollywood these days. They aren’t as well known outside of Europe as they should be. I found them through a review of their film “Lost in Paris” in France Magazine and purchased it via Amazon.

The story goes like this: Fiona, a librarian in a small, remote Canadian town, gets a letter from her Aunt Marthe (Emmanuelle Riva’s last role before her passage). Marthe’s home care aide is trying to get her into assisted care, so Fiona goes to Paris help her aunt. She finds out that Marthe has disappeared. Dom, a homeless man, helps Fiona find Marthe, but not without a tango, several pratfalls, and an unintended swim in the Seine along the way.

I liked the DVD, too. Its features included an interview with Abel and Gordon, an overview of the style of comedy they perform, and influences on their work.

Fans of Mr. Bean and Carol Burnett should like “Lost in Paris.”

I know I did.