And Yourself?

Hi there…been a while since I wrote anything here. Thanks for your understanding, but the COVID-based need for isolation has caused the days to smear into each other in grey tones. And there are so many times that one can write about gratitude and simple joys and all that before it sounds as if one had been smoking Hallmark cards.

Except for one. Election Day, 11/3/20. That was one for the books. Both Hubby and I voted early, so we just sat back and ate pizza. I made an election cake from the recipes that dated from colonial times when voting was a cause for celebration. I don’t know what happened, but it turned out really dry. Basically, it’s a yeast-levened spice cake that is traditionally soaked in brandy. Maybe that was the problem, but since Hubby doesn’t do alcohol, that was a no-go. The cake was OK, but not worth the hassle.

However, as the counts tricked in, I could have used a snifter or five.

We both exhaled when the results were finally called by CNN at about 10:30 on the following Saturday. Hubby drove around and leaned on the horn as he drove past houses in our area displaying signs and flags signaling support of the current occupant of the White House. While he was out, I quietly wept in relief, then made a celebratory lunch for us.

The countdown to Inauguration Day is on. I’ll likely fix another celebratory meal. Don’t know quite what yet, but it will be on the elegant side.

First, though, the holidays or what there is of them this year. We had our usual turkey while watching the National Dog Show on Thanksgiving. Christmas gatherings are cancelled for us. Between my siblings, our spouses, and the niece and nephew benign various risk groups, any in-person gathering would amount to a suicide mission.

If it means I can keep my siblings and sibs-in-law around longer by sacrificing this year, I’m fine with it. I’m not hugely in to Christmas, anyway. Except for the cookies.

However, I am into New Year’s. I look forward to this year of lutefisk followed by a colonoscopy prep chaser going out the door at midnight in about three weeks, and I for one will not be upset if the door hits it in the butt on the way out.

Love in the Time of COVID-19



white and red round medication pill on persons hands
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We have a flakey stock market. We have daily doses of intrigue, skullduggery, corruption, and oligarchs exerting influence on the 2020 presidential election.

As if that wasn’t  enough to be anxious about on a daily basis, we now have the coronavirus, a/k/a COVID-19 to deal with and no real leadership from Washington. The CDC’s epidemiology department landed on the chopping block early in this administration. All information released to the public has to be vetted by a science denier who impeded his state’s  government’s response to the HIV epidemic. Test kits are few, far between, and cost more than some cars I’ve driven. And if we’re lucky, the vaccine is still a year out from distribution. If the general public can afford it or if insurance will cover it.

Collective deep breath. Collective exhale. Spanish flu. Bird flu. Polio.  Black Plague. How do we get through this latest pandemic?

  • Find trusted local sources for information such as your state or county health departments. They should be able to tell you what’s going on with COVID-19 in your area, what symptoms to watch for, and practical ways to protect yourself, such as washing your hands.
  • Find an international news source that you like (CBC and BBC are two of mine) or go to WHO’s (World Health Organization) website.
  • Check Dr. Weil’s  website for more practical information, including hand washing and tasty recipes to boost your immunity.
  • Several medical consultants on news shows this past weekend recommended preparing for possible interruptions in the supply chain due to illness-related worker absences. Stock up on nonperishables or freezer friendly items for a couple of weeks just in case, and maybe grab some extra supplements and over the counter medications to be on the safe side.
  • Wash your hands, try not to play with your face, especially around the eyes and nose (she writes while scratching her eyelid).
  • Show your neighbors and vulnerable members of the community some love as this unfolds. SNAP doesn’t cover cleaning and hygiene supplies, so I’ll be making a run to get extra paper towels, spray cleaners, and soap for the local food pantry. I would love it if you would join me.
  • Consider a fun and practical arts and crafts project: make your own hand sanitizer with vodka or gin combined with essential oils such as oregano or tea tree. There are lots of recipes on line for homemade hand sanitizer, so Google away.
  • Have leftover gin or vodka? Google “craft cocktails” for suggestions on using it up. The Mystery knows we could all use a drink by now. Make it a good one.
  • Oh, and one more time for the people in back: WASH. YOUR. HANDS.