A Friendly Reminder or Four

Well, two, actually. Mothers’ Day is May 14. The day before that, May 13, is the US Postal Service’s Stamp Out Hunger food drive. All you have to do is leave your bag of nonperishable food items by the mailbox and your carrier will do the rest to get it to your local food pantry.

And let’s make that three friendly reminders: most community food banks desperately need protein foods such as canned fish and meats, nut butters, and legumes. Contrary to stereotypes, many people who need assistance are elderly or disabled, not lazy bums sucking others dry. (In fact, many clients work two or three jobs and still can’t feed themselves and their families adequately.) Something like 20% of children are food insecure as well (read: get some baby formula in there). As a person gets older, the odds of type-II diabetes increase. They can’t live on carbs alone. A really high carb diet makes it hard to maintain a healthy weight and the blood sugar spikes and crashes do overall wellbeing no favors.

Oh, and while I have your attention, other items needed by local food pantries may not be food related. Many distribute diapers, feminine hygiene supplies, and cleaning products. They aren’t covered by SNAP.

For more information and to find out what you can do, check out Feeding America. And one more time: protein foods, baby formula, household paper products. You can grab some when you go get your mom or grandma a card.

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