Homemade Mayo

Really, it’s not that hard….you take one of these….egg-from-the-domestic-chicken-138x165.jpg

and some of this…..OldDesignShop_OliveOilAd.jpg

and some mustard, vinegar or lemon juice, and salt and pepper. Give them a ride in your food processor and you have homemade mayonnaise.

I used the recipe that came with my Cuisinart DLC-8. The one that I received as a wedding present. In the ’80’s. Still going strong after all these years. You take 1-1/4 cup of oil (neutral, like grape seed or canola or good ol’ vegetable oil–some concerns have been raised about canola, but it was what I had on hand), 1 egg or 2 yolks, 1 T. each Dijon mustard and vinegar (I used apple cider), plus salt and pepper to taste. Whirl the egg or yolks with the salt, pepper, mustard, and vinegar to combine. Then with the processor running,  add the oil v-e-r-y slowly. That’s the hard part. The feed tube on my model is hollow with a small hole in the bottom so you can fill it with oil and let the processor rip. I poured the oil in a thin stream manually. It looks like nothing is going to happen, and nothing is going to happen, then…voila! Silky, perfectly textures mayo at  the bottom of the work bowl.

I used a combination of canola (see response above) and olive oils. The olive oil was a bit intense, so I’ll probably cut back to a tablespoon of it next time, enough to give flavor without being overpowering.

The mayo’s gone into bleu cheese dressing, salmon salad, and egg salad. It lacks the stabilizers (and sugar, thankfully) that its jarred cousins feature, so I need to use it up soon.

As long as I have some good bread, or French fries (how they do it in Belgium), that shouldn’t be a problem.

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