Stationing and Going Direct, or Watch for Changes

Today, after three weeks of going backwards relative to Earth, Mercury goes direct. Yesterday and Friday it stationed. It just stopped in its tracks after almost three weeks of dancing backwards. After a pause, it goes forward.

I understand how it feels.

My personal life dragged me backwards since the end of March. There was the epic colitis flareup Oakley suffered. There was news of one of Hubby’s brother in laws getting diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. He’s had one chemo treatment and tolerated it pretty well. Can it be managed so that he can stick around for a while? Probably. Can the cancer be sent back to the dark hole whence it came, resulting in a full remission? I don’t know.

Other news involved another close relative who will likely need care in the future. For now, the relative in question is stable, but considering the future is like staring into abyss. A very dark one. I can’t go into any further details out of respect to privacy. He’d been hiding it, and hiding it well, but the curtain began to ravel before the forces of life tore it to the ground, leaving the secret naked and exposed.

That revelation sent me spinning backwards off an emotional cliff. I bounced off of a couple of ledges and lay on the ground for a while. I have picked myself up, knocked the dust off, and am ready to begin again. All I can do is stay in the moment, practice acceptance, and find ways to enhance the day in small ways, like new candles and flowers.

Please watch for some new features and changes coming to this space. I hope that you’ll enjoy them.






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