Babies! Weddings! Weddings! Babies: Notes on the “Downton Abbey” Finale

We are in for a great day weather wise here in the soybean field. If the oracles at The Weather Channel have any accuracy, this looks like the big warmup. It’s already almost 50 before 8 AM as I write this.

It’s time to let go of the winter, mild though it was. Still may have some chill and frost, but that’s the early spring’s usual course.

It’s time, too, to bid the “Downton Abbey” gang a fond “see you later.” Not a farewell since there’s a movie in the works and rumors of a prequel detailing Robert’ and Cora’s courtship. But it was time to get the story lines wrapped up, and time for everyone to move on from the last six years. Much as I hated seeing the show end, I’d rather have them go out while at the top of their game than have it dragged out past the end of its story arc.

In the baby department, Anna and Bates had their son. Anna gave birth with little drama, but Mary helping her out was a nice twist. The other baby will be coming sometime between the end of last night’s episode and the movie. Mary is with her new husband’s child. We just have to wait.

In the weddings department, Lord Merton’s health scare inspired Isobel to accept and go forward with marrying him. Lady Violet went ahead like an avenging angel to confront his family over blocking Isobel from seeing him. That wedding wasn’t part of the show, but it was implied that it would happen soon, even when the health scare was resolved.

Other members of the household, the ones everyone wanted to see together, paired off. It was all good, especially the tender glances between Baxter and Molesley. That made me smile. Tom was paying attention to Edith’s editor. Could something be developing there? I hope so. Another plot line for the movie.

The biggest sigh of relief, and not without a few tears on my part, was seeing Edith finally at the altar with Bertie. Took some doing, but they got there, and she made the most beautiful bride. And marchioness, the next rung up on the nobility ladder from earl and countess. So she now outranks her sister. Take that, Mary, even if you did maneuver them back together after spilling Edith’s secret about being Marigold’s mother last week.

Of course, there can be no ending without some bittersweet notes. In this case, Carson developed tremors in his hands. This was a little too close to home, and also drove me to tears for a friend who is caregiver for her husband who lives with Parkinson’s. The good news was that Barrow, the blackmailing manipulator redeemed himself by coming back to the Crawleys to do the heavy lifting while Carson shifted to a supervisory position.

Yes, I ate chocolate. Yes, I cried–I cry more easily than I want to admit, even over TV and movies. But the tears were mostly of joy, and the Kleenex was well-spent.




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