It’s not awful temp-wise.  I hope that we can get to the park today. Oakley and I are both going a tad mental.

Saturday was very clear, but didn’t make it out of the teens. Sunday began with a knife-like cold wind that brought snow, not much more than a couple of inches, just enough to crud up the road. Today is still in expected range for February, but very damp and foggy with glazing on the back steps. We scatter ice melt. We tread carefully.

Very carefully.

Oakley has a suspect left hip. On cold mornings, he limps, especially when he takes the first few steps from the upstairs carpet to the steps to the wood floor to the kitchen tile. It might be early  onset arthritis.  It might hip dysplasia, a congenital malformation of the joint where the socket isn’t as deep as it should be, leaving the ball portion at the end of the femur to slide around.  He gets treats with glucosamine and an enzyme based anti-inflammatory that I get down him courtesy of a generous blob of spray cheese. The protocol wouldn’t change much with a definitive diagnosis provided by x-rays, so at this point in time, that’s how we treat it.

I have soreness in my left hip, too. Not a joint problem, though. Some years ago, Orion had wound his tie out line around the antenna. He woofed to let me know he was in need of assistance. I stepped out the back door and onto a step coated in perfectly clear ice. My feet flew into the air, and I fell backwards.

By some act of good fortune and grace, the edge of the step missed my vertebrae. I did give the top of my left hip bone a good smack, however. I was able to stand up, get Orion unwound and inside, then limped through the rest of the day. I didn’t bother to get x-rays, so I don’t know if I gave myself a bone bruise or a hairline fracture. All I know is that weather like this makes me uncomfortable, too.

So we sit on the sofa, alternate ice packs and heating pads, counting the days until the warm temps return on a consistent basis. It’s been a better winter, but we still bless it as it approaches the door.

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