Not Quite Live From Dixville Notch

It’s cold today with an insistent north wind blowing the dry sharp snow around. Not as marrow-chilling as it was last year, but more typical midwinter temperatures coupled with wind chills low enough to preclude walking. We made a quick run into the yard so Oakley could complete a personal errand, but otherwise, we will content ourselves inside. He’s played with a puzzle toy loaded with tiny bites of freeze-dried turkey. Now he’s napping next to me on the sofa.

While Oakley jogs in his sleep, I’ve kept a half-eye on today’s primary results from New Hampshire, just enough to be informed, not enough to compromise my sanity that’s still recovering from the meanness of the Hillary/Gloria/Madeleine crew over the weekend. Just after midnight, Dixville Notch’s nine voters completed their civic duty, giving the nod to John Kasich and Bernie Sanders. Now we wait and see how the rest of the state votes.

Dixville Notch is located twenty miles south of the Canadian border high in the White Mountains. It has a total population of 12, and a 100% voter turnout, all nine of them. They hold the elections at The Balsams, a grand resort hotel originally opened just after the Civil War. Currently, it’s closed to the general public while renovations and reinventions go on, but it lets in the voters in the name of tradition. One of the rooms serves as a dedicated polling place with a booth for each of the voters. Within a half hour, the votes get tallied and results are announced. The results have predicted the national nominee for the Republicans with a fair degree of accuracy since the midnight voting began in the ’40’s.

So we wait. Oakley dreams of going to day care tomorrow and playing chase with his friends. We dream of warmer days ahead when we can take long walks in soft sunlight.

Even though I may not be snoring and waving my hands and feet, I dream of having a candidate that I actually want to vote for, not just to keep someone who doesn’t have a clue out of office.







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