The Crash of Falling Idols

So this is how it ends.

Of all the things to say and all the people in the world to say them, Gloria Steinem said that younger women were supporting Bernie Sanders instead of Hillary Clinton because they wanted to meet boys. Look here.

I had to read it several times before I could wrap my brain around not just what was said, but who had said it. Gloria. My role model and inspiration in grad school, for causes that I supported, for writing. She who had been at the forefront of getting society at large to remember that women think with the brains in their heads said that.

That young women would vote for Bernie to meet boys. That somehow all that estrogen clouded their thinking. Excuse me, Gloria, but isn’t that the kind of attitude that comes from the ’60’s and extend backwards through the millennia? That you fought so hard to change?

My head blew up. Figuratively. But my heart did break. A little. It hurt to have a statement that sounded like a line from a high school clique leader come out of someone I’d held in high regard.

Even thirty years ago, I would not have been a HRC supporter. God She knows I want a woman president in my lifetime. However, I do not want someone who contributes to the ongoing dynamics of Wall Street, voted in favor of an illegal war, and is cozy with Monsanto. She isn’t offering anything really different than the old boys network.

That is why I’m supporting Bernie. He’s been the first candidate who’s given me hope since I voted for Mondale/Ferraro in my first presidential election ( my 18th birthday fell on the wrong side of registering to vote in the previous one).

Of course I want to help women. Of course I want to see society progress. But in this election cycle, I like Bernie a lot better. Bernie’s views and ideas are what we need right now. If needs must, I’ll vote for HRC, but only because the Republicans make my skin crawl.

I did my research. I did my thinking with the brain in my head. And that is why I #feelthebern this year.


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