January Cleanup

It’s a larrupin’ 13 above out there with a small but significant north wind. A bright sky keeps the mood elevated, as does a cup of Irish breakfast blend. Oakley had to tend to some necessary personal business out side. He set a personal best, I think, for speed. No complaints, though. Unlike the last two winters, the temps cycle in and out of the freezer drawer, giving only a day or two of discomfort, and we have only had two sizable snows unlike the constant bombardment of a year ago.

While the roads are passable, the wind chills aren’t, so we stay inside.  It’s a good day for puttering with decluttering. I cleaned out my sock drawer this morning. I’ll do laundry later, and purge the contents of the unmentionable drawer. Overdue for the latter.

The urge to purge coincides with the new moon. I cleaned out my Facebook friends list this morning. If we had no meaningful interaction, adieu. If you believe the best way to educate people about animal abuse is posting graphic pictures, good-bye or exile to the unfollow list. Same goes if you use racist memes to promote your candidate or views on immigration. Farewell.

A few more decluttering projects and we’ll be ready for Chinese New Year on February 8. It’s believed that you will bring in good luck with an uncluttered house and paid-up debts. We’ll keep working on the former and hope that this brings in a calmer year, whether it’s of the Monkey or not.

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