Looking for the Helpers

I know, I know….it’s been a while since I posted. Sorry.

Thanksgiving was pleasant–just me, Hubby, and Oakley. Classic menu, but sautéed spinach instead of green bean casserole. We watched a mystery marathon on WYCC as well as the National Dog Show. The  wind and chill rain prevented any appreciable time outside save for Oakley’s business runs.

I’ve been trying to stay off social media since the Paris and Beirut attacks. The venom and vitriol are overwhelming. After I spent an hour unfriending, unfollowing, blocking, and reporting, I couldn’t take it anymore and unplugged.

Both events me where I live emotionally: extended family in Beirut are OK, thank the Mystery. But Paris…I have no words. Even passing through DeGaulle on the way to Lyon I felt the magical hum of the city as it permeated the walls of the terminal.

Hubby was watching TV, and called to tell me what was going on. Like an idiot, I turned on France 24 (one of WYCC’s substations carries international news–France 24 is their equivalent of CNN, but better quality reporting). And there were the torn buildings and shattered glass and people who just wanted a Friday night out in shock.

I sighed. France is no stranger to violence, unfortunately. In the terminal where I spent the three-hour layover, a very young soldier patrolled the corridors with a serious-looking piece of armament in his hands. No expert on guns am I, but this sure as hell was not intended for hunting deer. A cold thread wove through me, not quite countered by the exquisite cup of coffee that I sipped with my chocolate croissant.

No croissants in the house that night, but I thought of a story Mr. Rogers shared. His mother told him that when something scary happened, look for the helpers.

And helpers there were–cabbies taking people home for free after the Metro was placed on lockdown; people taking in anyone who couldn’t get home to comply with the curfew.

I’m sure that there were helpers in Beirut as well, even if that was deemed less worthy of coverage.

And yesterday in Colorado Springs.

And every place where this sort of senseless action takes place.

You might have to look a little harder some times, but there’re out there.



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