Red Flag Warning

I checked the Weather Channel app on my tablet this morning. No real surprise with the forecast. We are in a string of dry, mostly clear, windy days with today’s high rebounding into the 70’s after a weekend of frosty mornings.

The orange warning statement at the top of the page caught my eye. I clicked for more details. We are under a red flag warning.

Say what?

Red flag warnings mean that favorable conditions exist for brush and forest fires. We haven’t had a substantial rain in weeks.

I’m acquainted with them thanks to trips through South Dakota and the Rockies to Washington. I sweat out late summers for Facebook friends in Colorado and California. But around here, in soybean and corn land?

Yep. Even here in soybean and corn land. Last week we had a few drops as a  front sent the temperatures plummeting to frost and freeze ranges, but none of the whole days of steadily falling rain common at this time of year. Today’s bone-dry conditions and winds gusting up to 40 miles per hour do create a risk. While we are blessed with neighbors who know enough not to create burn piles on days like this, it’s the odd spark or carelessly disposed cigarette that could create problems.

Here around the house, there is little to worry about. It has a brick exterior, reducing the risk of it catching. We do have some brush along the property lines and a couple of evergreens that have cracked and twisted to grey abstract sculptures. The grass is still pretty green, though, and could provide a buffer zone if needs must.

So we go about the day. Oakley and I had a pleasant walk this morning, and now it’s time to settle into the quite space and create. I will be monitoring the weather throughout the day, and have the watering can and cell phone ready just in case.



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