A: Cockroaches, Zucchini, and Keith Richards

Q. What will survive a nuclear holocaust?

Seriously, though, I have zucchini and summer squash up the kazoo. I grew none of it. One of my friends is an avid gardener. When we’ve met for our Sunday walks, she’s handed everyone in attendance the gift of fresh zucchini and summer squash.

I’ve even been able to grow it. Gardening is not my strong suit, but the last time I planted any the bushes produced until November.

That was a lot o’ zukes. The last couple that came to fruition before the frost had burrowed under the remains of other plants thad had gone into retirement at the end of the season. I was cleaning out the garden when I bumped one with my foot. With my hand, I swept back the stray leaves and found two zukes the size of baseball bats. I think I made soup. Hubby doesn’t like zucchini or summer squash, so it must be snuck into other dishes. He doesn’t even like zucchini bread or cake, but that’s why we have the chocolate variations, isn’t it?

Think I’ll make some ratatouille for the freezer. That way if it gets mushy, no harm done, and it will be a reminder of the sunny days ahead this winter.



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