Some years ago, bracelets stamped with WWJD? were the rage. They reminded wearers to ask themselves “What would Jesus do?” to discern the best course of action as they went through the day.

This morphed into alternatives such as WWXD? (“What would Xena the princess warrior do?”)  Others were on the market, but escape my mind.

My mind has had a lot to deal with this last week. Hubby was able to get his retirement paperwork in to human resources just under the wire before yesterday’s layoffs. His separation date coincided with the 30% reduction in the workforce before another company buys them out and sends most of the jobs to India. He is out of there, and thanks be to The Great Mystery for it.

Even in the middle of the big decision, his thoughts were with coworkers whom he respected and liked. One has two kids in college. The other is up to her neck in the project they were working on. Both were let go yesterday.

I didn’t have a bracelet for it, but kept asking myself “WWGD?” As in Grandma. My maternal grandmother. In this case, she would have listened, and made carrot cake.

Which I did. With cream cheese frosting. I found a mix-in-pan cake recipe that I made with a gluten free baking mix–good flavor wise, but needs an egg or two for support. Please go to http://choosingvoluntarysimplicity.com for the recipe. If you use regular wheat flour, you’ll be fine. I found the recipe for the frosting on http://glutenfreeonashoestring.com.

I think I did just fine. Grandma would have been impressed.

Hubby was.

It was good to see him smile.

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