In the Words of the Pythonian Sages….

Have you seen “Monty Python and the Holy Grail?” You need to if you haven’t. At several points in the movie, the rallying cry of “Get on with it!” rings through Castle Anthrax and across a battlefield.

Hubby has taken those wise words to heart. He’s decided to retire. He’d planned  to stay at his job a couple of more years, but larger world circumstances including another takeover of his company have placed him in a position where he has more to lose if he stays where he’s been for the last 35 years than if he “gets on with it” with his long planned woodworking shop.

I’m relieved. I’m excited for him, and anxious to see where this new adventure will take us. Corporate culture never made a lot of sense to me, anyway. While it’s provided us with some nice things, it’s cost a lot in terms of sanity. It’s been like dealing with the Killer Rabbit and his offspring.

Adjustments will need to be made, of course. The good news is that we’re pretty much debt-free, no outstanding bills. House taxes and insurance will be the biggest expenses. I’m researching ways to keep the food bill low while taking the personal preferences and quirks of three individuals with different needs and tastes happy and healthy. Results will be published here, believe me.

Hubby’s birthday is this week, and a pole barn shopping trip is in order. There will be cake and a fancy dinner to commemorate the year that ends in a zero, and there will be a special performance of Oakley’s arrangement of “The Song of His People.” Best of all is knowing that the crazy train is pulling into the station and we can disembark.

So…let’s get on with it!

3 thoughts on “In the Words of the Pythonian Sages….

    1. I believe you–after witnessing 30 years (Hubby had been working there for five years when we started dating) of this….uh, behavior, I will believe anything you tell me.
      And some people think Scott Adams of “Dilbert” fame makes it up.

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