Wolf Mama, Wolf Mama, Where Have You Been?

Not in London visiting the Queen, most assuredly.

Since the last post, I was struggling with two problems: 1. a dark night of the writer’s soul, one where it feels as if I will never create another coherent sentence again, and 2. my thyroid decided to go on strike.

2. had to get resolved before I could tackle 1. I’m hypothyroid. All the tests I’ve had show that yes, I am kicking out enough of the T’s, but for some reason it doesn’t show that they thyroid is making proper use of them. I started taking a supplement with homeopathic remedies, glandular extracts, and iodine. I’ve been taking it for about ten days and feel better. When my thyroid refuses to work, my nails get funky and everything is overwhelming. The cracks in my thumbnails and complacency in choice of TV programs because I just couldn’t suck it up to get the DVR remote should have tipped me off sooner.

Ren Faire opens this weekend. Hubby and I are going next week. 11 days and counting. Much needed break from the continuing battle with his mom’s house and the world in general. I’m listening to the Celtic stream as an aperitif. I’m also checking the schedule daily.

Oakley started a new to him Chinese herb that helps with his tummy. He had another bout of digestive unpleasantries. A few tweaks of his diet and the addition of this herb makes for a happy puppy and a well-rested mom.

Writing started coming back this week. I began working with Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way to address the blocks. Sunday and Monday were decent writing days. I hope today will be another one.

It’s just life, isn’t it?

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