Carb Flu

So I stalled out, hit the wall, plateaued…pick one. Extra water, all my allotted points….nothing. I’m stuck in this three pounds range. They leave, then they get homesick for my hips and bring their friends with them.

I did a carb detox over the weekend to reset things. Saturday was OK, but Sunday I woke up at 4 AM with a bad headache and a runny nose. And to add to the hilarity, Aunt Flo showed up with no warning. Yesterday I woke up with the same plus a blood sugar crash. I was fine once I spooned peanut butter into my mouth and sat for a few minutes. As the day went on, I started feeling better. Still pretty tired, but better.

After a consult with Drs. Bing and Google, I found the name for my condition: the carb or Paleo flu. It happens when a person starts removing the bad carbs from their food intake. It’s not unlike detoxing from mood-altering substances.

Another interesting point: that some people have what’s called “inflexible” metabolisms. It means they can burn calories from one source more efficiently than others. Some people do great on carbs and fat, others on carbs and low fat fare; others don’t do so well on carbs. I think that I fall in the latter category.

The diets I’ve had the greatest success on have been the ones with limited carbs. It’s not incompatible with Weight Watchers–the points just have to go towards the protein and the fats.

So we will try again and see.

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