Vivat Anna Regina!

May 19, 1536. Anne Boleyn met her fate on a scaffold in front of the section of the Tower of London where the crown jewels reside. Stripped of everything save her birth name and her dignity, she went out with her head held high, knowing that she and the men she’d been accused of knowing too well were all innocent of the charges fabricated against them.

Maybe today, we can take a moment to remember her, and her successor Katherine Howard, executed on the same grounds some years later.

Maybe today, we can spare a thought for the women who have lost their lives to violent partners.

Until the balance between the masculine and feminine is restored, until we return to the Old Ways of peace and honoring and celebrating the differences and their inherent wisdom, this will continue. Light a candle, say a prayer that we return to the divine partnership of equals that was intended since the beginning of time, and do what you can in your corner of the world. It’s changing, so let us work with that momentum.

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