Wait For It….

Just tried to get Oakley to potty. No luck. I don’t think I could potty in a 20+MPH shrieking north wind, either. At least the sun is out today. The roads are clear, so play group is in order.

Nowhere near as bad as last year, though. I can get out of my house and drive safely. I’m grateful for that. Unlike last year, the times the deep freeze have only been for a day or so with two storms requiring a call to the snow removal company. The roller coaster ride continues through next week March is supposed to be warmer than usual. So we wait.

My biggest problem is boredom right now. I’m caught between Weight Watchers and the wheat sensitivity, so cooking is not really an option. At least the things that I really want to cook aren’t. I dream of cake the way that I usually dream of Sting.

I distract myself with the yearly rerun of “The Tudors.” My favorite Ren Faire opens only five months from yesterday, so that countdown is on. Last night I checked the website to see if there was any news about this summer’s acts. No, but the memories of the green leaves and the scent of turkey legs on the grill and all that goes with it made me whimper a little bit.

In the meantime, I have streams of music from that era to soothe the ache. I can have reasonable amounts of chocolate And in a few weeks, I can have my tea outdoors.

It will be worth the wait. Really.

2 thoughts on “Wait For It….

  1. I’ve been distracting myself today with thinking about taking a trip around Michigan’s Thumb. Not now, because it’s so cold and they get a lot more snow than we do. (I did one year in winter; I didn’t foresee the huge snowdrifts.) But in the summer, when I can stop alongside the road and just look at Lake Huron. Ahhhh.

    Are you a fan of Owain Phyfe? I don’t remember if he did faires in Chicago. I could use some of his music when I’m not thinking of soft breezes off the lake.

    Poor Oakley. Have fun at play group!

    1. Lake Huron is so underrated….I hope that I can spend more time there in the future.

      The venerated Mr. Phyfe did perform at the Bristol Ren Faire, but unfortunately I missed him. :/ I shall have to content myself with YouTube memories. That sounds like a worthy amusement for this evening.

      Oakley had a great time at play group. Thank you!

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