Postscript to a Blizzard

The eerie silence woke me this morning. Usually the school busses rumble their way up the road. Trains write their run-on sentences punctuated by whistle blasts. Birds, even in winter, chatter. The neighbor’s shepherd mix alerts us to threats such as air currents.

This blue bright morning, nothing.

I looked out the sidelight by the front door. Snow completely obscured the driveway and road, blanketing the fields as far as west as I could see.

This morning contrasted starkly with yesterday’s iron skies and snow weaving a thick grey veil that obscured the neighbors’ out buildings, rendering them shapeless and slumped to the common eye. The wind blew and blew hard at times, conspiring with the sharply dropping temps to meet blizzard criteria.

We had all the necessities to ride it out. Biskies, chocolate, food items with a higher nutritional profile, tea, toilet paper. Power stayed on and connectivity stayed strong. Nothing to do except look out the back door and comment “holy crap!” occasionally.

Today, we dig out a bit. I’m waiting until out road gets at least another pass before I call the driveway people. It’s quite cold, 10 above, I think. The lack of wind makes it almost tolerable outside, taking the sting out of shoveling around the garage, back door, and sump pump.

The plow has been down the road, rumpling the snow to the shoulders. The question of ice still remains, so we’ll be sticking close to home the rest of the day, possibly tomorrow.

For now, we wait for the “all clear” signal from the train.

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