This Much I Believe

We have a storm creeping up from the southwest. It’s due to arrive late this afternoon. We ran out for a walk this morning. I already went shopping to make sure that we had the essentials such as biskies, tea, and chocolate.

I’m grateful I have that done. The impending predicted storm and preparations for tomorrow’s Super Bowl have joined forces in triggering an advanced case of guano-psychoisis.

The greater Chicago area, including the soybean field and points west, will get precipitation starting around 6pm-ish, emphasis on -ish. It will start as everyone’s favorite meteorological event, freezing rain, then switch to snow. We will be under a storm watch from 9 pm tonight (Saturday) until the same time tomorrow (Sunday). This mornings’ weather reports varied greatly in estimated totals ranging from 4″-8″ to up to an honest foot complicated by blowing and drifting.

This much I believe in spite of the currently blue sky with its deceptive thin overcast: that we will get snow. I believe that I will make sure my cell phone is charged should I have to bitch out notify Com Ed due to an outage. (For some perverse reason, we get power failures more frequently on sunny quiet weather days than days where the wind nearly took off the roof.)  I believe we may, or may not, have a significant amount when all is said and done. I believe Oakley and I will get out for another good walk before the predicted meteorological spaghetti his the fan.

I believe we’ll listen to Garrison Keillor; we’ll watch a good “International Mystery.”

And I believe that I’m going to have some chocolate.

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