The Sunday Drive

The brief stint in the deep freeze concluded on Friday. Clouds still blanketed the earth, but about noon today, they finally unraveled to reveal a clear blue sky.

Today was Plan B Day. A involved lunch with a friend, but the intestinal variation of the flu had knocked her for a loop. Regrets extended, alternatives weighed.

I needed to get out of the house, though. I put Oakley in the car and headed for points west. Not that far, just far enough for some big sky and patchwork fields. Perhaps an hour, but a beneficial one it was. Even with the slight thread of guilt over using gas for no definitive purpose.

Cows? Pigs? Horses? All answered yes to the farm animal roll call. Hints of stubborn green poked through the tired beige snow clinging to shady roots and sides of north-facing buildings.

Oakley watched out the window. He’s a good car dog who quietly rides shotgun and refrains from comments about my driving. I like that in a passenger.

We stopped for a walk at the least sloppy forest preserve. He’s lying on my arm as I type, snoring the song of the contented canine.

Would that it were that easy for us all.

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