The A** O’Clock Notes

It’s just after 6 as I write this. Oakley’s insomnia continues. Since just before Christmas, he’s been waking up between three and five, sometimes 2:30, and giving himself a bath. Adjustments to his tummy supplements haven’t helped, nor has a concerted effort to get him exercise and mental stimulation in the late afternoon and early evening.

This morning, however, he had diarrhea. He woke me up by sitting at the top of the stairs while patting the floor. He gets a clever boy stamp. The lack of exercise this week due to snow and daytime highs bobbing near zero as if treading water has taken a toll on us both. When he doesn’t get enough exercise, he’s prone to digestive upheaval despite my best efforts.

Even with a less than optimal start just before five, it is a better day. The cold has moderated. We were able to get out yesterday, finally, with tidy roads and minimal chances of frostbite. We’ll be a-walking today, a good long jaunt through the woods, and that will go a long way towards restoring order.


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