A Wish for Peace

Last year was a season of loss for too many of my friends. There were days when I heard Walter Cronkite’s voice in my head reading off the names of the parents, the spouses, the pets who changed worlds in the last year as he had the casualties from Vietnam in his tenure as anchor on CBS evening news.

The number of passages rapidly grew mind-numbing. I grew very afraid of going on Facebook some days.

Things were somewhat stable here in my personal corner of the universe. Hubby, Oakley, and I have our basic needs in order. There’s a lot to be said for that. The company I write web content for called me back, a good thing.  I’ve started exploring some new adventures, so please stay tuned.

Still, I wanted to nail the door shut and board it up behind 2014 when it left last night. The loss, the amount of upheaval on the world stage, the fears about the US turning into a corporate theocracy, all that hit me in the sanity at various times.

Rest, find solace in “A Prairie Home Companion” and historical entertainment when people interacted with some civility and grace.

The season of rest has passed. There is work to do in the world on the personal and political levels, futile as it may feel some days. There are letters to write and votes to cast and boycotts to honor.

For my friends who endured losses last year, whether of a loved one, a dream, or a job, may your season in the valley pass quickly and may the road through it lead you to a place of peace.


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