Magically Mundane Monday

The good news is that it’s about 50F/10C out there. The bad news is that it’s pretty damp and chilly. I have a pot of lentils simmering with garlic and bay leaf. I’m not sure which culinary tradition they will represent on completion: Dorie Greenspan’s French soup with some tangerine peels for a citrusy note? Indian spices, perhaps with cauliflower? I have a half-hour or so before I have to add the final touches. I’m leaning towards the latter.

The aroma of garlic, bay, and lentils created a pleasant post-walk welcome. Oakley and I took a short one at the forest preserve with the paved trail. The low clouds and fog catch on the tree tops like sweaters on brambles, and muffle the sounds of the forest. We may have some rain coming in later today. After last winter’s endless train of storms, this is welcome change. Later this week, the skies will clear and we’ll be in a more typical high for this season of near 30.

It’s growing windy out there. Oakley dozes at my side. Think I’ll go with the Indian spice and cauliflower option. This winter is balancing last winter. The spices will counterbalance the damp.

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