May This Day Hold No Omens

No. Just…no.

First thing this morning, word came down the pike that Kelso the Wonder Cocker had crossed the Bridge. Not sure what happened, but spare a thought, a prayer, a candle for his humans and canine brother Louis, please.

And then there was the weather. We had an unusually cold week last week. Some rain, and then some more, and then this morning brought in a storm that began as rain. Oakley and I both needed a walk, so we went to the forest preserve, walking the circular trail. And then at the halfway point, the wind shifted to the northwest, and the snow came flying at us with knives and switchblades.

So much for our plans today: Hubby wanted to make an Ikea run for some new computer furniture. The nearest one is about 45 minutes away, but in this kind of weather with fog, glazing and snow, more like 90. Not worth it. Still drivable inbound, but on the way back, perhaps not so much. Resentfully, we stayed home.

The weather reporter on WGN hinted at a winter where we would be cycling in and out of icky weather. Hopefully today was not an omen of the icky portions being the long one.

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