It’s Here

We had our first sticking snow over the weekend. Not so much a blanket. More like clumping, clinging to the grass in patchwork quilt style. The road was slick in spots, but not as bad as further north. We were on the dividing line between a dusting and an inch, landing on the former side.

The showers and flurries left brisk winds in their wake. Oakley just took me for a twenty minute quick walk on a short trail. Enough to tend to social networking canine style and to get me moving.

Starting on the pre-holiday cleaning today. Hubby will be back this weekend. While there’s still a long road ahead, it’s flatter and straighter than the first portion of the journey through the valley of repairs needed to get his mom’s house market ready.

I haven’t been cooking much for myself. I lack inspiration. And chicken breast. This week, I’m making a big-haul shopping run and will get some chicken at Costco. Maybe I’ll find some inspiration as well.

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