The Day After: Post Election Musings

I voted; therefore my right to complain has been retained as well as shaking my head in disbelief.

A sign with information on where to tune in for local election results also bore an alarming statistic: that only 19% of the voters eligible to participate in yesterday’s exercise of civil duty did so. My question: why?

Yes, I’m disillusioned, too, with the process. Too much money and greed have corrupted it. The problem is that if we don’t vote, we hand what’s left of our power to the corporations. I’ve boycotted the Koch brothers with everything I have as have my friends. But after yesterday, I’m thinking that voter apathy is as big a problem. How else would we end up with the same gang in the house and senate, only worse? How do we inspire the common people to get out and vote again? It’s the only way we can get the country back from the corporations.

Locally, I don’t know who won for county board. The candidates I didn’t like won for US Congress and state senator. As of this afternoon, Governor Quinn is holding out on concession to Bruce Rauner until the remaining ballots are counted. Over the weekend, Cook County election judges received calls with conflicting instructions for opening the polling places. Things did get straightened out, but the last voters didn’t get to cast their ballots until just after three this morning. I checked the noon news, and Quinn was still hanging on with broken teeth and bloody fingernails.

So am I. Pat Quinn had the job thrust upon him when Rod Blagojevich was impeached. I don’t think lieutenant governors see it coming since it happens so rarely. Gov. Quinn was an organizer and an activist, but a politician, not so much. He is, however, a decent person, even if he is on a disconnect with State Assembly.

Bruce Rauner, on the other hand, has creeped me out with his ads since the get-go. Very vague about just how he’s going to create jobs and improve education; tries to come across as one of the people in his Carhart barn jacket and old plaid shirt while sending jobs off shore and jetting between his luxury homes. Oh, and he owned nursing homes that were so grossly understaffed that deaths from neglect were commonplace.

I will take real and clueless over savvy and shady any day.

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