To Everything There Is a Season

Labor Day came and went, and left hand in hand with August. The storm came on Thursday, the one that announces autumn’s impending arrival. We still have a lot of summer in front of us and plenty of nice days ahead until that last week or so in November. School starts, and on we go into the new season, changes and all.

Some of them are good. I am down a hair under seven pounds as of Friday. (bows and says “thank you, thank you.”) Oakley did two full days at his new daycare place. He slept well both nights. Going to Ms. Rebecca’s involves a left turn at the major intersection rather than going straight. He’s learned that when we do that, he’s going to go have fun, and he stands up in excitement. Oakley has mad several new friends, including a pretty lab mix named Sheba and a schnauzer named Wilfred. Ms. Rebecca’s is about a third of the distance that it was to Ms. Judi’s, even picking through the construction that squashed the main road through town to two lanes.

Some are bittersweet. We are staying in touch with the parents of his previous day care friends through email and Facebook so that we can arrange play dates and walks. The adjustments are easier for him than me. Oakley’s blissfully unaware of the legal, moral, and karmic aspects about the hows and whys of the center’s closing. I wish that I were as well.

He has accepted the changes well. I, too, will adjust, but I’m the one who needs the time to do so.


One thought on “To Everything There Is a Season

  1. Wishing everything works out for all concerned. Glad Oakley is liking the new place. I wish I could both afford doggie daycare for Nelson and that he were more “dog” friendly. He needs playmates his own species… 🙂 Hugs and smooches, my friend.

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