How to Lose Friends and Inspire Enemies

Maybe you heard about this:

Let’s back up. Quite a few Detroit residents, something like 15,000, who haven’t paid their water bill because they just can’t are in danger of getting it shut off.

This is getting to humanitarian crisis proportions. A Canadian group is bringing in water to the affected families. The UN has become involved. And so has everyone’s favorite humanitarian group, PETA. They will be happy to make good on some families’ bills, but there’s a catch: they have to go vegan for a month. Yes, they will give gift baskets to help make the transition, but seriously? They really expect people in one of the biggest food deserts in the US to keep with the program after the month is up?

Seriously? Exploiting people who have to choose between utilities and even the most basic of foods to push an agenda?

It’s yet another turnoff. Their fundraising tactics that involve quasi-porn pics of women, dumping animal manure at events just put people off. I’m about 75% vegetarian, and the animal products that I buy for feeding the three of us are humanely and pretty much locally raised.

If you Google PETA and shelters, you’ll find a lot of disturbing stats. Their logic is that animals should be free of enslavement from humans, even as companions. They end up euthanizing a lot of cats and dogs rather than rehome them.

My hope is that people see through all of this, and somehow, someway the water stays on in Detroit without agenda. And that people remember that the best way to help animals is donating to local shelters and rescues, not huge organizations that mostly pad their PR budget and pockets.

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