Recipes I’m Going to Try

Dates, coconut, walnuts or pecans, shredded carrots and some cinnamon makes raw carrot cake truffles. I can’t call them “balls.” Makes my inner 12-year-old giggle too much–it just sounds wrong to use “cake” and “balls” in the same sentence. Maybe make some cream cheese frosting, dip them in that and roll in some more nuts. Freeze? Hmm. Many possibilities.

I also want to try popsicles this summer. I just need to find the molds. Honeydew, lime, maybe some cucumber? Strawberries? Hmmm….

Gazpacho in its classic form of cucumber, tomatoes, onion and green pepper is on my table frequently in summer. I want to try one of the white recipes. I’m intrigued–almonds, don’t recall what else.

Fruit salad is always good. Just sprinkle on lime juice to prevent browning. It’s unexpected, brighter.

I haven’t made pesto in a long time. Will have to do so.

Oh, and….balls.

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