NPR’s Sandwich Monday: Not for The Faint of Heart

If you need incentive to get to the computer on Mondays, check out Sandwich Monday on NPR’s The Salt blog. Staffers from the show “Wait Wait! Don’t Tell Me!” sample the uh, creations of both local mom and pop places and national chains such as White Castle in the link above.

Some of the sandwiches sound pretty good, such as Subway’s Sriracha Chicken Melt. Some of them are vomit worthy at least in appearance, like the Taco Bell waffle sandwich. Many of them sound as if they were invented by someone who was stoned or PMS-ing.  (Cro-nuts? Really?)

The team reviews other offering that need to be filed under “good idea at the time.” Pecan pie flavored Pringles? Seriously? 

I hope they know how grateful I am that they do it so I don’t have to.