Go Fish

We had trout for dinner last night. Not just any trout, but trout from somewhere in northern Michigan or Wisconsin. I melted butter with a small dab of Dijon mustard, poured it over the salted and peppered filet, then sprinkled on some dried tarragon and baked it at 350 for about 20 minutes. Sliced tomatoes and steamed broccoli rounded it out. The mildness of the trout and the assertiveness of the tarragon balanced each other out pretty well.

Salmon and tarragon fight with each other. When I do salmon, I like to melt apricot jam in the microwave and throw in a dab of curry powder. Again, salt, pepper, pour on the glaze, and 350 for 20 minutes or so until done.

I get the pre-portioned filets when I go to Costco. Great to have on hand for those nights when it’s the last defense before pizza. Cod, hake, and tilapia all play nice with the trout seasoning mentioned above. Sometimes I’ll make a topping of mayo–REAL mayo, not low fat or Miracle Whip–grated Parmesan, and lemon pepper or Italian herbs. Pat on top of the filets, and bake at 350 for about 20 minutes.

Not very often, but sometimes I’ll play with recipes from Julia Child’s books. Only on occasion and when I feel daring.

Most of the time, the above treatments keep the three of us pretty happy.  


2 thoughts on “Go Fish

  1. Oh, yum! Wish I could do fish more. But I’m allergic to the stuff they freeze it in, so unless I can guarantee it’s fresh, I have to keep a healthy distance. I love your simple yet delicious take on things. Thanks for keeping us inspired!

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