How Strawberries Came To Be

Next week’s Full Moon is the Strawberry Moon.  We will observe with a teaching story from the Cherokee.

After She created the Earth, Supreme Goddess created First Man and First Woman. All was well, but one day they had a dust-up and First Woman walked off in a huff. 

First Man ran after her, but couldn’t quite catch up. 

In order to slow First Woman down, Supreme Goddess created a plant with plump bright red berries. She dropped in in front of First Woman to get her attention.

It worked. First Woman looked at it, held one of the berries in her hand. The tantalizing aroma invited her to take a bite. Its sweet warm juice ran down her chin. She enjoyed a couple more, and as she nibbled away, her thoughts turned to First Man and the sharing of sensual pleasures with him.

First Man finally caught up with her. She started feeding him strawberries, and, well….let’s just say that humans were started that day as well.  


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