To Beef or Not To Beef: That Is the Question

Yes, by all means, beef, but choose grassfed:

  • Grassfed beef is as lean as chicken breast and contains fatty acids such as ALA’s and omega-3’s that may promote health.
  •  Its raising my actually benefit the environment.
  • No antibiotics are used in its production. 
  • Feedlot beef routinely gets fed what amounts to garbage: bakery waste, candy, and potato product waste. And then the consumer eats that. Eeew.

For more information, point thy browser to

Bison is a good alternative. It’s carried at Whole Foods, Costco, some health food stores, some markets, and if you don’t mind paying up the wazoo for shipping, you can order it from producers. It is a couple bucks more than grassfed beef, but it’s a good investment in health.

A few caveats:


  • Both bison and grassfed beef cook very quickly and can cross the line from pleasantly chewy to rubber band consistency in a heartbeat. Cook slow and low for the most tender results.
  • Some people find bison too gamey for their tastes.  
  • They are pricier than grain fed products.

 However, they can be a wise investment for your health. Just handle gently, mix in some veggies to maximize servings, and enjoy.

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